Thursday, April 2, 2015


Spent some time recently testing my Lomo squarefront anamorphic lenses on my RED One outside of the standard 4K ANA record mode.

These shots were all captured at the camera's full 4096x2304 resolution.
The exteriors are 24p and cropped to about a 3:1 aspect ratio.
Interiors are un-cropped and conformed from 30p.

I really wish Red had added a 4.5K ANA mode like they added the 4.5K widescreen mode.
That would allow me to see more of these lenses field of view and with anamorphic, that's where a lot of the magic hides; distortion, vignetting, bowing, mmm...

UPDATE: I did a few more tests since it's got a little nicer out.

The following edit plays twice; first un-cropped at 3.56:1 then with a 2.67:1 crop.