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krista dzialoszynski and I have started work on our debut feature film, 'HILLS GREEN'. to read about the progress of the film please visit: HILLS GREEN. thank you!

Friday, July 9, 2010


please, switch on the HD

Fields. from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.

a few full sized grabs...

GH13 firmware - hacked AVCHD with anamorphics.

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first test using an increased bitrate in the AVCHD mode, use HD button, please;

GH1 hacked AVCHD (and anamorphic) from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.


shot with the Tester 13 firmware hack and LOMO anamorphic lenses mounted with the Hot Rod PL adapter and a Class 6 Panasonic SD card.

patch settings:
-Native 24p
-Video bitrate adjustment - 40000000
-Overall bitrate adjustment - 46000000
-Limiting bitrate adjustment - 50000000

shutterspeed was all 1/50, ISO was all 100.
bitrates seemed to peak at around 32Mbps.
no color correction done.

these grabs pretty much sum up the improvements;


fullsized (jpeg'd) grabs...

this is like having a completely different camera!

GH13 firmware - MJPEG native anamorphic tests.

please note; this entry has been reblogged from our much more awesome YELLYFISH

I finally got a chance to install the new modified firmware for the GH1. So far I have left the AVC mode alone because I really wanted to try out the MJPEG on-camera squeeze mode with my LOMO anamorphic lenses.

So I made my MJPEG frame 2560x720(3.56:1 aspect, which is 2x 1.78:1) this mode stretches the image by 2x but when you shoot with a 2x anamorphic lens, it cancels the effect out and you get a non squeezed 3.56:1 clip.. this can then be easily cropped in post to a perfect 1920x720 2.67:1 aspect ratio.. AMAZING! Unfortunately though this hack is just blowing up the image from 720P somehow and so it's not really all that sharp.. but still really neat!

Here are some comparison still grabs of the new MJPEG hack vs. my old anamorphic work flow (AVCHD squeezed and cropped to 1440x540)

MJPEG native anamorphic hack:

AVCHD un-hacked:

MJPEG native anamorphic hack:

AVCHD un-hacked:

lots and lots of testing to come!