Saturday, December 15, 2012

winterwalk. GH3 test video.

Got a few minutes to play with the Panasonic GH3.
Here's the obligatory anamorphic test video!

winterwalk. GH3 anamorphic. from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.

50Mbps IPB. ISO 200.
35mm Lomo anamorphic. Hot Rod PL.
Standard all -5 (which gives a surprisingly flat image)

I think the camera is a nice update. Solid build.
Seems a little less noisy overall, and 800 and 1600 look nice.
No weird solid line thing at ISOs 800+. Dynamic range feels a little wider.
Not having the lcd/hdmi gamma change when you hit record is great.
For these few reasons alone I'd be much more comfortable using it on set.

And here's two grabs from a 50mm spherical Lomo. 
leaf - GH3
Josh - GH3

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here's a look at a pair of short films I DPed this fall!
Both were photographed on the GH2 patched with FlowMotion2.02 and Lomo anamorphic lenses.

"Alice" directed by Giles Greenwood.

stalked interview

"Why Did I Laugh?" directed by Howard Gordon.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This past July, Krista and I were in Illinois. We were there to help Derek Mungor make his new feature film 'You Are Not Alone.' The film is a thriller as seen from the main character's point of view.
Krista was the lead actress/camera op and I was the film's cinematographer.

Here is the film's first teaser trailer!

You Are Not Alone (2013) - Teaser Trailer from Derek Mungor on Vimeo.

Krista and I just posted a bunch of behind the scenes photos on YELLYFISH.
And to keep up with the film, like us on facebook.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hope everyone has been enjoying fall so far!
Here's a cheesy little mood piece in honour of Halloween.

Watch nice and loud...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.

Here's a few shots from the raw footage before I analogged it up!
Shot with my Lomo anamorphic lenses mounted with the Hot Rod PL.
I used the FlowMotion v2 patch.

first shot HD

plant CU

sky HD

window wide HD copy

knifey HD copy

last shot HD copy

And a shot of me dubbing out of FCP:


Saturday, August 25, 2012

more GH2 anamorphic

My brother Josh finally got his hands on a Kowa 8z 2x anamorphic adapter. He came over at sunset to try it out with my SmallHD DP6 monitor and I shot these on my GH2 with a Lomo 35mm anamorphic Lens at T4 with a +1 diopter:



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

GH2 Kit

I finally found a great deal and upgraded my trusty GH1 to the spectacular GH2. Here's a look at my current set-up which consists of:
Panasonic GH2 w/quantum v9b hack & SanDisk 32GB 95MB/s cards
Hot Rod PL Deluxe kit
SmallHD DP6-SDI monitor kit
Lomo f/2 Anamorphic PL lens kit - 35mm, 50mm, 80mm
Lomo f/2 Spherical PL lens kit - 22mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm

The GH2, Hot Rod PL Deluxe and SmallHD DP6-SDI kits are available to rent.
The Lomos are available to rent to any job that I'm on the set of.

2012 demo reel.

Hey folks. I finally found a few moments to edit a new demo reel showcasing some examples of the freelance cinematography I've done.
Hope you enjoy. Please visit my site: for more information. Thanks!