Friday, July 9, 2010

GH13 firmware - hacked AVCHD with anamorphics.

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first test using an increased bitrate in the AVCHD mode, use HD button, please;

GH1 hacked AVCHD (and anamorphic) from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.


shot with the Tester 13 firmware hack and LOMO anamorphic lenses mounted with the Hot Rod PL adapter and a Class 6 Panasonic SD card.

patch settings:
-Native 24p
-Video bitrate adjustment - 40000000
-Overall bitrate adjustment - 46000000
-Limiting bitrate adjustment - 50000000

shutterspeed was all 1/50, ISO was all 100.
bitrates seemed to peak at around 32Mbps.
no color correction done.

these grabs pretty much sum up the improvements;


fullsized (jpeg'd) grabs...

this is like having a completely different camera!

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