Thursday, March 3, 2011

Panasonic AF100

Got a chance to play with the new AF100 from Panasonic. I mounted my Lomo 35mm 2x anamorphic lens with my Hot Rod PL adapter. This is a sweet little camera. It was VERY dark and VERY cold, so this is not a particularly interesting video. But i'm going to try to shoot something more awesome with the camera and my Lomo kit soon!


Panasonic AF100
Lomo 35mm 2x anamorphic lens @ t/4
with/without +1 diopter
mounted with Hot Rod PL adapter

No colour correction done. Kept 3.56:1 aspect to take advantage of Vimeo's 1080p option.

ISO 2500

Detail -5
V detail -5
Coring +2
M ped -2
Chroma level -2
Gamma Cine-V
Matrix Norm 2

AF100 w/ 35mm Lomo Anamorphic


  1. Ryan,

    I'm considering shooting a short film -- a Western in the style of Cormac McCarthy -- with the AF100 with an anamorphic lens. However, I've heard that the anamorphic lens presents problems to the workflow, especially editing. What are your thoughts about this?

  2. Pretty much everything to do with shooting anamorphic on a digital format presents problems haha.
    2x anamorphic lenses on 16x9 sensors causes a huge 3.56:1 aspect ratio. So the sides must be croped down... all the way to 1296px if you want a 2.4:1 final image.
    It also adds the extra step of squeezing down the image at some point during post, which could affect real-time playback.
    There are many hurdles when shooting anamorphic on a 16x9 1920x1080 sensor, but to some people it's still worth it.
    Hope this helps.