Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Shot this music video last summer on super 16mm film, was a lot of fun!

mobile link

a Voyager Three Media Inc. production.
produced by - Joe Homsy
directed by - Miguel Barbosa
DP/colour - Ryan Glover
AC/loader - Aaron McMurtry
Arri SR3 + Kodak 7219/7207 
processing by Niagara Custom Labs
scanning by Frame Discreet 

Thursday, March 2, 2017


I am very excited to present the new short film from director Miguel Barbosa that I shot earlier this year!

My first project working with anamorphic lenses on the full frame format. Shot a7s mkII with Lomo anamorphics.

mobile link -  Vimeo members can download the film to watch in higher quality

Director & Editor Miguel Barbosa
Story Christine Sherry
Producer Jacob Morris
Director of Photography & Colourist Ryan C. Glover
Starring Michaela Kurimsky, Corey Wadden
Art Director Allison Zwicker
Assistant Director Dave Provost
Assistant Camera Aaron McMurtry
Costume Designer Cristina Barbosa
Music & Post Sound Production Sasha Szlafarski
Sound Recordist Andrew Chung, Sasha Szlafarski
Voiceover Recordist Salvatore Sam Guaiana


Latest music video I shot for Yeah! Films and Like Pacific!

mobile link

Director: Miguel Barbosa
Producer: Jacob Morris
DoP/Colourist: Ryan Glover
AC: Aaron McMurtry
Gaff/Grip: Luc Capasso

RED One MX and Lomo anamorphic lenses


I recently reunited with director Sarah Rotella (Almost Adults) to shoot a pitch trailer for her new web series Through Time.

Check out the full credits on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/205635365

RED One MX with Lomo standard speed lenses.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This was a super exciting shoot. A very complicated, high-concept video beautifully conceived by Miguel Barbosa and executed on the day by many talented folks.

mobile link

Directo & Editor - Miguel Barbosa
Producer - Jacob Morris
Director of Photography & Colourist - Ryan C. Glover
Featuring - Nela Gojevic
Assistant Director - Dave Provost
Creative Director - Matheson Murray
Steadicam Operator - Mitch Mommaerts
Assistant Camera - Aaron McMurtry
Gaffer & Grip - Luciano Capasso

Production Assistants - Jared Cipak, Chris Casarin

Shot on RED One MX and vintage LOMO 22mm lens.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


New music video I shot for The Letdown:

mobile link

Director, Editor - Miguel Barbosa
Producer - Jacob Morris
Cinematography, Colour - Ryan C. Glover
Set by - Paige Foskett, Jacob Morris

Shot on the RED One MX and LOMO spherical lenses.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


A short-end of 16mm Kodak 7219, an Arri SR3 and a Lomo 35mm 2x anamorphic lens...

mobile link

Featuring: Krista Dzialoszynski
Music: Waxahatchee - Michel
Processing:  Niagara Custom Lab
Transfer: Frame Discreet (5k overscan, downscaled to 2k for edit and colour)