Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Had a chance to work on a lot of great projects this past summer.


mobile link: https://vimeo.com/282856209

Producer - Cortney Gilbert
Director/Editor - Miguel Barbosa 
Cinematography/Colour - Ryan Glover
Panasonic GH5s, Veydra prime lenses, Canon L series lenses (w/ Metabones SB-XL)
mobile link: https://vimeo.com/297327844

Director & Editor - Miguel Barbosa
Producer - Cortney Gilbert
Director of Photography & Colourist - Ryan C. Glover
Set Construction - Jason McLaughlin, Matthew Wilson
Assistant Director - Alycia Macina
Makeup & Hair - Samantha Fabian
Designer - Trevor Blades
Stylist - Shayna Chalom
Art Assistant - Nikki Mulholland
Wardrobe Assistant - Cristina Barbosa
Featuring - Kyle Bell
Still Photographer - Samantha Falco
Featuring Art By - Kaley Flowers, Kim Laughton, Daniel Kel, Sanjay B. Patel

Panasonic GH5s, LOMO square anamorphic


mobile link: https://vimeo.com/288749331

Directed by: Ryan Glover and Miguel Barbosa 
Cinematography/colour: Ryan Glover
Editing: Miguel Barbosa
Sony hi8 and GH5s with LOMO anamorphic lenses

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


First teaser trailer for a short film I photographed this past fall on super 16mm film.

mobile link

Director: Kalainithan Kalaichelvan
Cinematographer: Ryan Glover
AC/Loader/Gaffer: Aaron McMurtry

Shot on super 16mm with an Arri SR3 and Canon 7-63mm Zoom lens


My second collaboration with director Hallie Switzer!

mobile link

Director - Hallie Switzer
Cinematographer - Ryan Glover
Gaffer/Playback - Braden Sauder
Editor - Anna Catley

Shot on Sony A7s MkII and Panasonic GH5 (60fps) both running 4k to an Atomos Inferno with Lomo Anamorphic Lenses


Was thrilled to team up once again with Little Coyote to direct and shoot their new video for The Trouble With Teeth. Really happy with the end result!

mobile link

Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Colourist - Ryan Glover

Shot on Sony a7S MkII (4k to Atomos Inferno) with Lomo Anamorphic Lenses


Been neglectful of keeping this page updated, so I'm catching up on posting some new music video cinematography work:


mobile link

Director - Hallie Switzer Cinematographer/Colourist - Ryan Glover (RED Epic Dragon @5k with Lomo Standard Speed lenses) 1st AC - Aaron McMurtry Playback - Braden Sauder Production Assistant - Helen Veninger Costume Designer - Hallie Switzer Editor - Jason Sharman Dancers - Chelsea Ferrando, Anita Nittoly and Sebastian Marziali


mobile link

Director/Editor - Miguel Barbosa
Cinematographer/colourist - Ryan Glover

Shot on Panasonic GH5 with Lomo Anamorphic Lenses


mobile link

Director/Editor - Miguel Barbosa
Cinematographer/colourist - Ryan Glover

Shot on Panasonic GH5 and a 35mm Lomo Anamorphic Lens

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

LITTLE COYOTE - Daylight Twilight

Really stoked to share the music video that I directed and shot for Toronto band Little Coyote!

Shot on the Panasonic GH5 with Lomo anamorphic lenses.

Friday, December 8, 2017

ISCO Centavision Anamorphic Adapter Test

I needed a more compact anamorphic solution for a few job/trips that I had coming up and was able to snag this Isco-Optic 2x Centavision. It's a re-housed Kowa 16H/Bell and Howell with great mechanics and 72mm front filter threads.

Here is a test video I shot with it using a Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 as a taking lens.
Camera was Sony a6300 (adapter was a little skewed at time).